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PATS Patient Analysis & Tracking System

Custom Registries

Designed by a physician, for clinicians, PATS gives you exceptional power to easily create and manage unlimited custom registries —you control size and content— for your clinical research, databases, and quality initiatives.

Unlimited custom registries—no extra cost!

Once built, your registry is ready for immediate use and can be populated with historical data using the PATS Import Module or by purchasing our data conversion services. We also offer comprehensive training, free monthly webinars, and online how-to videos that help you become a registry build-and-maintain expert. Plus a full array of registry maintenance utilities allow you to grow and evolve your registries, as needed, over time.


Registries can include follow-up to track long-term patient outcomes for longitudinal analysis. 


PATS’ powerful analytics tools are all built-in (no extra cost!) for custom registries. You can drill down from any field in your custom registry to select a patient population for PATS’ vast suite of reports and analyses to get real-time intelligence on trends and to showcase your performance.

Conditional logic, smart forms, and validation

When building a custom registry you can use PATS tools to control data collection. For example, use conditional logic to create parent-child relationships and validation criteria to set allowed minimum and maximum answer values.

Validation criteria includes:

  • Min, max, usual min and usual max values
  • Single answer only, or multiple answers
  • Formatting rules
  • Date (ex: "On/before previous date entered")                           

Calculated questions:

  • Arithmetic calculations
  • Date/time subtraction
  • Weighted scoring
  • Default answers
  • Age, BMI and more

And much more ...

  • Security—from registry-level to question-level   
  • Support for multiple field formats                      
  • Customizable question sets for data entry
  • Extensive drill-down to specific patients   
  • Batch data import
  • ODBC data export
  • Data transfer between registries