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PATS Patient Analysis & Tracking System

Powerful Analytics

PATS works the way clinicians think. Axis clinical data management solutions deliver more than 35 powerful analytical tools and an unlimited number of easily-customized reports, at no extra cost. Healthcare professionals can quickly and easily generate monthly reports and sophisticated analysis—no IT expertise needed.

Analytics made easy

PATS' powerful, built-in reporting and analytics tools help you become an expert at managing clinical data. It’s a snap to convert PATS report data to sharp-looking charts and graphs. You can easily export your PATS data to third-party applications (Excel, PowerBi, for examples). You can easily drill down to the data you want and need. You don't need a technical background to succeed in clinical data management. With PATS, you get deep, complete data you can always trust. 

 Benchmarking and performance

You understand the importance of real-time business intelligence trends and outcomes. With easy-to-use benchmarking reports, PATS helps you monitor trends and quality so national performance reports present no surprises. PATS includes interactive reports to track STS or ACC quality measures/metrics for any patient population—overall, by surgeon/operator, or by facility.